Although Amazon doesn’t officially support Chromecast Amazon Prime, many people use it to stream Amazon Prime Instant Videos on their TVs. There are some steps that you must take in order to do this: First if you have not already done so, download and install google chrome. Second, download the Google Cast extension. To do this, click on the vertical three dots in the upper right corner of the browser where you can add extensions. Third, in your Amazon Prime Settings indicate that you are enabling Adobe Flash. Although you may be able to stream from Amazon, it is much less dependable and smooth.To indicate that you are enabling Adobe Flash in Amazon, log into your Amazon Prime Account. Go into Settings, scroll down, and indicate Web Player Preferences. One of the options is Adobe Flash Player.

chromecast amazon prime

Can You Watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast?

When you have done all of this, you will have the ability to cast your Amazon Prime on your Chromecast. And your Amazon Prime won’t be the only thing you can cast. Girded with Google Cast, you will be able to stream any instant videos on your TV. To make sure it is working, go to Amazon Instant Video and try out a video. You might want to go ahead and disable Microsoft Silverlight since a common problem is the two conflicting with each other. Since Chomecast is not officially compatible with Amazon, some businesses won’t stock Chromecast.

How to Watch Chromecast Amazon Prime from iPhone

If you plan to stream from your computer onto your TV or iPhone, you will also want your computer and that device connected to the same network. A Chrome OS device is perfect. The cast extension will automatically detect any TVs that are compatible with it and they will record this information. In 2015, the Cast extension began to be able to do videos in 480p and 720p. Unfortunately, most Amazon videos come in 1080p, so it is there that the “not officially compatible” comes in. You can also adjust the settings and mute and un-mute. You can make the necessary adjustments to the iPhone directly on the iPhone.

Streaming Amazon Prime to Chromecast

What the streaming is happening is that it is copying what is on your computer screen and sending that copy to your TV. When you are done for the day or evening, just click the Cast icon and select Stop Casting. If you opt to do this with a laptop, keep in mind that doing so can take a toll on the laptop’s battery life.

This is why a Desktop Chrome OS device will work the best. You might also want to invest in a Chrome Remote Desktop to help you better control that desktop. Without it, you will have to perform the tedious routine of going into the routine of going into Chrome whenever you want to do something. You also control Fire TV, Roku, TiVo, smart TV, Blu-Ray player, and game consoles.